Prince Arthur LOL 1331 of Guelph to Participate in Doors Open Program

April 10, 2018

Prince Arthur Guelph L.O.L. 1331The Prince Arthur LOL 1331 of Guelph will be an official participating site in the City of Guelph’s Doors Open program Saturday April 21st 10:00am-4:00pm. Doors Open is overseen by the Provincial Ontario Heritage Trust. It runs from April to October and last year over 40 Towns and Cities (190 individual communities) took part. The attendance for 2016 was over 500,000 visitors across all the sites. Average visitors in Guelph is about 500-600 persons per site. It opens up some of the communities most intriguing sites for one day and admission is free.

Our Lodge is proud to open up our home to the community and showcase our heritage and current activities to the public. We have partnered with the Guelph Civic Museum, the Dufferin County Museum and the Wellington County Museum & Archives to bring in photos and artifacts from their collections on the Orange Order. Many of the items have never been on public display.

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