The Orangeman Summer 2014

September 16, 2014

From the Master’s Desk:

Dear Brothers & Sisters;

First let me thank you all for your faith and trust in me to shepherd the order for the coming term, I am truly honored and look forward to serving you these next two years.

My goals for the order are to increase awareness and promote new membership for qualified individuals. Our country, our traditions, everything we hold dear as Orangemen, has come under attack in recent years. I hope and pray that we, as Orange men and women, can remain a light in the darkness, in defense of the faith, and that many will come to join us.

It is with that thought that I happily announce that the Charter of the Grand Black Chapter of the United States has been re-issued and the Sir Knights of the US Perceptories are now encamped under this Warrant. This is a momentous occasion for the LOI – USA and the Grand Black Chapter USA.

Let me first congratulate Sir Knight Sam Stewart for his installation as the Grand Master of the Grand Black Chapter – USA and to the remainder of the Sir Knights who were elected to office. The LOI and Grand Black Chapter go hand in hand, the latter providing opportunities for dedicated Orangemen to study and learn more about the truths we hold dear.

I would also like to thank the convention committee for their organization and hard work in making the arrangements for the 85th Biennial Session of the Supreme Grand Lodge of the United States. It was a grand event and we are so very appreciative to those who participated.

Thanks also to the degree team for their hard work in the raising of two candidates to the RAPM degree. Excellent job!

I leave you with the understanding that we have out work cut out for us, but together in faith, hope and brotherly love, we may persevere.

May God Defend the Faith!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
James S. “Jimmy” McCullough
Supreme Grand Master

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