Our Purpose Statement

The Loyal Orange Association in Canada is a Christian, Patriotic, Benevolent and Protestant Society and its purpose is to:

Encourage its members to actively participate in a Protestant Church of their choice.Participate in benevolent activities which will enrich our communities and our country.

Provide social activities which will enrich the lives of its members.Actively support the Canadian System of Government.Anticipate Legislation and its impact on the civil and religious liberties of all Canadians.

Mission Statement

Working Together for Family, Community and Country.

What the Association Stands For

  • Democratic Government.
  • Promoting and Maintaining the Protestant Faith.
  • The Public School Concept.
  • Supporting the Monarchy.
  • Supremacy of Law.
  • A United Canada.

Our Structure

The Orange Structure is organized in a system of Lodges. “Primary Lodges” are at the local level, with District, County and Provincial Grand Lodges. These Lodges participate in their communities while assisting in the administration of the Association and carry out the policies of the National body – the Grand Orange Lodge of Canada.

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Our Officers

Find a list of our current Lodge Executives and Officers.

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Our History

One would need to review the complete history of the Protestant Reformation and the history of Britain before they could appreciate the necessity of why the Loyal Orange Association came into being. But a brief overview of the Orange Association’s history is very interesting.

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Degrees / Duties

As in any education process, the conferring of Degrees marks the individual’s progress. In the Loyal Orange Association, the conferring of Degrees is a ceremony, usually depicting a Biblical story, and is intended to educate and encourage members to strive for a high level of Christian, moral and ethical conduct in their personal lives.

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Lodge Web Links from Local to Worldwide

A detailed directory of all Lodges found worldwide.

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