The Lodge System

The Loyal Orange Association is organized in a system of Lodges. “Primary Lodges” are at the local level, with District, County and Provincial Grand Lodges. These Lodges participate in their communities while assisting in the administration of the Association and carry out the policies of the National body – the Grand Orange Lodge of Canada.

Administration of the Order is located at National Headquarters in Toronto. The National Headquarters also houses the Fraternal Life Insurance Department, Orange Insurance.

The “Orange Family” in Canada

The Loyal Orange Association in Canada, along with its affiliated Branches, provides a democratic forum of action for like-minded Protestant men and women who, concerned about their Faith and Heritage, wish to preserve, maintain, and promote this great institution and principles of democracy upon which all Canadians may enjoy equal rights under the law.

The following is a list of organizations that constitute the “Orange Family”:

Loyal Orange Lodges
(L.O.L.) are open to men 16 years of age and over who adhere to the principles of the Association. These local lodges are integral participants in their communities.

Lodges of the Ladies’ Orange Benevolent Association
(L.O.B.A.) were founded in 1894 to provide women with an opportunity to actively support Orange Principles and the exercise of benevolent activities.

Lodges of the Crystal Chapter
(C.C.) are referred to as Chapters and only admit into its membership, ladies in good standing from the L.O.B.A., who desire to advance to a fuller knowledge and understanding of the aims and objectives of the Association.

Junior Orange Lodges
(J.O.L.) are a further extension of the Association’s young people’s program which provides a vehicle for both boys and girls (mixed lodges), from the ages of 6-16, to be educated and trained in the basic principles of Protestantism, Orangeism and Good Citizenship. Many of its members have graduated from its ranks into other Senior Branches as outstanding leaders.

Royal Black Preceptories
(R.B.P.) are lodges referred to as Preceptories, and its members Royal Black Knights. They are qualified Orangemen in good standing who have a desire to further their knowledge of the ceremonial and religious aspect of the Association and to further promote the spirit of friendliness and brotherly love. They are not under the jurisdiction of the Loyal Orange Association, but considered an integral part of the “Orange Family”.

Loyal True Blue Lodges
(L.T.B.) like the R.B.P. are not under the jurisdiction of the Loyal Orange Association, but also considered a part of the overall “Orange Family”. Its basic principles closely relate to those of the Association, and its members have distinguished themselves with contributions in the field of benevolent and charitable programs. Lodges comprise both men and women, with a special branch for young people.

Mixed Orange Lodges – Men and Women
Provision is made for “Mixed Orange Lodges” consisting of both men and women where there may not be sufficient numbers to form a regular Primary Orange Lodge – (L.O.L., men or L.O.B.A., ladies). Qualifications for membership are based upon the same principles as regular membership.

Associate Benevolent Membership
Provision is also made for “Associate Benevolent Members” who shall be recognized as Sustaining Member which status does not entitle such members to enjoy the privileges of full lodge membership, except when application for full membership is applied for and granted. A signed statement agreeing to certain conditions of membership is required from each person applying for Associate Benevolent Membership.