Orange Benefit Fund

Serving the Orange Community by giving assistance and security to its members and their families.

The Grand Orange Lodge of British America Benefit Fund, better known as the “Orange Benefit Fund” was founded in 1881 and was established for the purpose of assisting lodge members, their spouses and independent children in time of need.

The Orange Benefit Fund has since grown into a contemporary life insurance system over the last 130 years, providing insurance protection to memebers at competitve rates, the Orange Benefit Fund is committed to the Orange Community providing financial assistance with projects of all sizes.

The Orange Benefit Fund constantly updates their products for the benefit of policy holders and is second to none in the field of competition.  We offer Will kits and Power of Attorney kits

The Orange Benefit Fund offers the following current products:

  • Pre-Need
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Legacy Plan
  • Enhanced Whole Life
  • Enhanced 20 Payment  Life
  • 10 Year Renewable Term to Age 70

Call and speak to staff and agents who can help you choose the coverage that is right for you!

All inquiries about Orange Insurance or its products are invited without obligation. For complete details about our products and services, please visit the Orange Benefit Fund website here.